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What is Oncore? 

Oncore is a boutique fitness studio which offers an array of complementary, well-structured group fitness classes, designed to challenge and empower our customers. Classes available include Ride, HIIT Strength, Yoga, Tone (Pilates), Pulse (Floor Barre) and mobility classes. Our classes are 45-60 minute workouts led by well-trained, positive instructors, who inspire self-motivation so you can spend your time getting stronger, physically and mentally.  


How do the packages work? 


At Oncore we operate a pay as you go system where you can buy class packages which can be used in ANY of our classes enabling you to try a variety of different complimentary exercise classes, or you can purchase Yoga/Tone/Pulse/Flex specific packages. We also offer various memberships via a direct debit scheme, see our price listings for more details.


Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes! You can purchase an Oncore Gift Voucher online. Head to prices for more info. You can also call in at the studio and we can organise this for you.


What do I wear? 


It's always best to wear something that you feel comfortable in, this allows you to move freely and it is important your clothing is cooling! Yoga is best done barefoot. For Ride our bikes are compatible with SPDs should you wish to bring your own shoes, otherwise trainers will suffice. Free sweat towels are provided for each customer. 


Do you have changing rooms and showers? 


We have changing rooms with free lockers. . Our showers are stocked with the best Scottish fine soaps products so you can revive after class. There are also GHD hairdryers. Shower towels are available for rental for £1 at reception.


What time should I arrive prior to my class?


If its your first time visiting us we recommend you arrive at least 10 minutes before class starts. This allows a member of staff to show you around and introduce you to the instructor. You will need to be in class at least 5 minutes prior to it starting for the introduction. When the class starts we will be unable allow entry to the room.

If you are a regular attendee to Oncore classes you must be on site, ready to work out at least 3 minutes prior to the class start time to check in and navigate to your studio - spots are released to the waitlist at this time and will not be held.It is your responsibility to communicate any injuries to your instructor in advance of the start of class. When the class starts we will be unable allow entry to the room.


How many days a week should I take class? 


At Oncore our classes are highly complementary allowing a full body workout. So you can do a calorie-busting, strength building class like HIIT one day and then allow your body to recover with a stretch and flow from yoga the following day. However, no one knows your body like you do, if you’re feeling sore remember that recovery is an important part of any fitness routine and you should always listen to your body. 


What is your cancellation policy? 


You are able to cancel all classes 12 hours before your scheduled class time. You can do this through your mindbody account (app or website). Just cancel the same way you booked on Mindbody, and rebook for another time. If a class is cancelled with less than 12 hours notice then you will lose the credits for that class and this cannot be refunded.

If you are on an Unlimited Pass there will be an additional Late Cancellation or No Show Fee automatically charged to your account. If the fee is unable to be taken then you will be unable to attend classes until it is paid.

Please note that all cancellations must be done through your mindbody account (app or website). We are unable to accommodate any requests (by email or telephone) for refunds or pass returns, regardless of the reason if you have not cancelled on your account.


How does the waitlist work? 


Even if a class is full, we encourage you to add yourself to the waitlist as often cancellations will happen so you'll secure a spot. Please ensure that if you add yourself to the waitlist, you can attend that class as you will automatically be added to the register should another customer cancel and if this is within the 12 hour cancellation window, you will be ubable to cancel without llosing a class credit or incurring a late cancel fee.


If a cancellation occurs and your are added from the waitlist to the class, you will be automatically added into the class and sent a notification text or email.  In order to receive these texts or emails, you must be subscribed to account management through the MindBody app. If you choose not to receive notifications from Oncore, it is your responsibility to check your account as legally we are unable to contact you.


What if I am running late for a class?


Do your best to make it to the site at least 5 minutes prior to the class start time to secure your spot - spots are released at the time and will not be held.


If you're not checked in, changed and inside your workout studio by the session start time the doors will close and you will be refused entry. For your own health and safety, for the health and safety of other participants and to avoid disruption to the class we we simply cannot allow you to enter the class. 

If you arrive too late to be safely admitted to class, we will do our best to admit you to a later class, or alternative class within the hour.

If you cannot make it to the studio at all, please cancel immediately. If you cancel on your mindbody account then we may be able to release your spot to the waitlist. If you have not cancelled, then we are unable to accommodate any requests (by email or telephone) for refunds or pass returns, regardless of the reason.


Why do credits have an expiry and can I extend my credits? 


Credits have an expiry so that you will be motivated to book into classes. We cannot extend expiry dates of credit and no refund or extensions will be offered for unused classes.

For packages with a 3 month or longer initial expiration terms, a one month extension can be purchased for your classes for a £15 admin fee. 


How do I change my current package or pass to a different one?


If you have bought a package but now want to switch to a different package, simply save your card details on your Mindbody account, and email us stating the details of your current package, and the new package you want to switch to. 


There is a £10 charge for sales, exchange and admin fee, plus the price difference between packages and by emailing the request to change packages you are accepting the charges.



 Can I bring a friend along with me and gift them a pass?


Working out is always more fun with friends! Login to your Mindbody account. When you click "sign up" for a class, you are asked if you would like to make the reservation for you or for someone else. Select "someone else" then enter your friends name. 


Please note that you cannot share unlimited passes with friends and you will need to purchase a ‘buddy pass’ for £12 which can be done at reception. 


Can I workout with an injury or if I am pregnant? 


If you have an injury it is your responsibility to consult a physician to gain their professional opinion on whether it is safe for you to exercise. If you need to cancel a class because of sickness or injury please do so before the 12 hour cancellation window to have the class refunded to you. If you cancel with less than 12 hours before the class, please send us a copy of your doctor’s note and we will credit your pass back to your account and extend your passes for as long as the doctor recommends in their letter.


After an injury, if you are new to exercise we strongly recommend that you consult your physician before starting any new exercise regime or fitness program and that they clear you for exercise. 

If you are pregnant, firstly congratulations! Please consult your health professional before attending any classes and get the all clear from them before exercising.  


Oncore accepts no responsibility for any customers who do not follow the class instructions, safety guidelines, or has not disclosed medical conditions or recent injuries. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to inform the instructor in advance of the class starting of any injuries or pregnancy and to report to the instructor if you feel unwell or in any discomfort during the class.