We are so excited to welcome you back to the studio. The wellbeing of our community has always been top priority for us but we have taken advantage of our time closed to review and improve our health and safety standards, as well as making some changes at the studio.

Below are the ways we have ensured we are COVID SECURE. We will constantly be reviewing guidance and will post the latest updates here.



Oncore is open for Open Air Classes in accordance with government guidance


From the 29th March 2021, the government allows: 

“licensed physical activity with any number of people. This must be organised by a business…and the organiser must take the required precautions, including completion of a risk assessment.”


This information is taken directly from the government website and full details can be found here: 


In addition, the Department of Health and Social Care, the Sport Minister Nigel Huddleston and Sport England have all publicly issued the same guidance that fresh air classes are legal.


Government guidance also makes clear that any exercise should occur in fresh air until the 12th April 2021. Fresh air is classified as outdoor air.


For what constitutes an Outdoor space, Section 2 of the Health Act of 2006 states that if a structure, has a roof it is still suitable for use if 50% of the ventilating wall is open and this applies to permanent or temporary structures.


In our case 70%+ of the wall is open so we qualify as an “outdoor” space by law. Furthermore, the qualifying factor for a COVID-safe space is the predominance of fresh air which is present in this case. Full details of this legislation can be found here: 


In determining other risk factors we have taken the following precautions:

  • Customers are spaced at a minimum of 2 metres at all times and reminded to keep this distance through class

  • Customers hands are sanitised at check in and have temperature checks.

  • Each individual customer has access to hand sanitiser, disposable blue roll and anti-viral and anti-bacterial sanitiser for use at any time.

  • Additional fans and AC have been placed in the room to keep air circulating throughout class to further limit any virus lingering in the air

  • All equipment is sanitised in between all classes

  • A full record of attendance is taken and all customers are contactable in the event of a COVID outbreak. So far there have been ZERO reported COVID cases associated with our facility


We are delighted that we are able to offer COVID-safe classes to the Clapham Community in accordance with government laws.


  • Instructor training & COVID-safe Pledge

    • All staff have extensive training to ensure hygiene standards and health and safety protocols are maintained at all times.

    • All staff will pledge to live COVID-secure lives to minimise the risk to our community – yes, that means there will be no close contact instructor raves for the foreseeable future!

    • Staff will self-isolate at home if they or someone they have been in contact with are showing symptoms or have tested positive for Covid-19

  • 3 Entrances/Exits  – We will be using separate entrances for each of our classes to reduce traffic

    • HIIT/Strength & Conditioning will be accessed through Entrance 1, main entrance at 65 Clapham Park Road.

    • Yoga/Barre/Pilates will use Entrance 2, the first side access on Triangle Place, directly into the yoga studio.

    • Ride will be accessed through Entrance 3, the second side access at 106 Triangle Place.

  • Contactless Check-In & Temperature Checks

    • We will have contactless check-in outside of the studio where customers will be asked to confirm verbally that they do not have COVID or COVID-like symptoms, and have had no contact with someone with COVID or COVID-like symptoms.

    • Before entry to the building, customers will have non-contact temperature checks. If the temperature is above 37.5˚C access will be denied.

    • Hand sanitiser must be used on arrival and before and after entering the studio.

  • Reduced Capacity & Social Distancing

    • We have reduced our capacity to 50% or below.

    • We strictly follow social distancing and have extra measures in place such as all participants side-to-side working or rather than face-to-back.

    • Finally, to further reduce risk we are restricting the number of people each person has contact with by using small, fixed teams.

  • Arrival at the Studio

    • Please arrive at designated entrance for your class no earlier than 10 minutes before the class start time and no later than 5 minutes before class start time.

    • To remain COVID secure, doors will closed and locked 2 minutes before class start time. No access will be permitted once doors are locked for the safety of all class participants and staff and you will be noted as arriving late.

  • Fresh Air Ventilation System – We will continue to use our Fresh Air Ventilation system which circulates 100% fresh air in the studio so you can be sure you are breathing outdoor air while working out indoors. Furthermore, with the reduced capacity of our studios, our ventilation system will make the flow rate 100% more effective ensuring that you are breathing fresh air at all times!

  • Equipment policies – We will have no shared equipment in classes. All participants will have individual cloths and cleaning sprays to wipe equipment before and after use for comfort. Additionally, between each class we will sanitize all equipment using our industrial antiviral foggers.

  • Extra Sanitation – Continuous rigorous cleaning of site will be maintained by staff

    • For customer peace of mind, spray and clothes will be available for customers use at high-contact touch points as well as highly accessible sinks and hand sanitizer.

    • We will be using our industrial antiviral foggers in studios and throughout our site during and between classes to ensure the highest standards of hygiene.

  • Limited Amenity Access

    • Customers are asked to attend site changed, ready for their workout.

    • Changing Rooms/Showers - We will not offer any access to site outside of the 10 minutes prior to class and 5 minutes after unless changing rooms/showers are booked in advance. Only two people will be allowed to shower on site at a time with separate changing area and there will be an additional fee or inclusive membership charge to discourage changing and shower usage.

    • Lockers will be available. These will be allocated and socially distanced.

    • No towels or additional amenities will be provided on site according to government COVID-secure guidelines

    • Water fountains will be unavailable so please make sure you bring your water bottles filled up, otherwise water can be purchased from our front desk

  • Customer Responsibility

    • At Oncore, we have done as much as we can to reduce the risk of infection of COVID to the lowest possible level. We ask all customers to follow our guidance and policies but all customers must take personal responsibility when taking part in physical activity, understanding the inherent risk and dangers of exercise and entering our facility.