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Our signature ride is to set the beat of the music, and designed to be intense yet rewarding. It incorporates resistance, sprints and hand weights for a full body workout.


Suitable for all levels. 



Our High Intensity Interval Training combines functional movement, cardio and strength training. This circuit class uses a variety of equipment and exercises to give a total body workout.


Suitable for all levels.


A low rep, compound focussed workout that challenges your body with heavier weights and exercises to build a strong, toned physique.


Suitable for all levels.




Our signature yoga sequence, with its foundations in Vinyasa yoga, emphasizes the importance of breath guiding each movement coupled with unique postural alignment. Classes flow at moderate pace, and aim to improve strength, flexibility, mobility and mindset.

Suitable for all levels.



Bring the element of strength into your yoga practice, building inner heat, intensity, and focus into your practice. This class builds on our signature Flow sequence, adding an element of power through movement to emphasise core stability and full-body engagement.

Rise & Energise


Start your day with this invigorating yoga practice, sequenced in a way that seamlessly awakens and opens the body. Our Rise & Energise class is based in Vinyasa, is suitable for all levels, and flows at a pace that gives your body the chance to unravel and strengthen as you prepare for the day ahead. 

Suitable for all levels.


This relaxation-style class, with its foundations in Yin yoga, focuses on full-body recovery through fascial release. This class incorporates targeted sequences that aim to systematically unravel and open the body, release tension, and provide a full reset for body and mind.


Suitable for all levels.



Pregnancy yoga uses postures, breathing, and meditation techniques to prepare the body for labour and birth. 

The classes are suitable for both beginning students and experienced practitioners. During pregnancy, yoga can help you feel more connected to enjoy this precious time and empower you to have the most conscious birth experience.


Suitable for women in the second trimester of pregnancy and beyond. 




Our signature Pilates class, builds on the classical Pilates series, with a modern functional movement twist. This class is broken up into four segments, each one emphasizing a different set of movements and area of the body, building logically upon each other to provide you with an energizing full-body movement experience. 


Suitable for all levels.



Our signature Barre class combines elements of Tone and Strengthen with classical ballet exercises. This class is set to an upbeat, high-energy playlist that will keep you pulsing, lifting, and squeezing until you can’t feel your legs! Suitable for all levels, and intended for those looking to experience that post-workout burn in a low-impact environment. 

Suitable for all levels.



A class which fuses together the best of upstairs and downstairs at Oncore, working strength, cardio, flexibility and functional range of motion in one tidy package.


Overdoing the strength work can hamper mobility. Just working cardio leaves you susceptible to injury; likewise with flexibility if you don’t have the strength to support the body in a deep stretch. Tick all three boxes and you are powerful. Like the wolf.

Suitable for all levels.